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Why hire use for your dog day care service?

 Specialty Dog Care Portland

Most pet owners come across a major problem of taking care of their dogs when they travel out of their home due to family emergencies. Some resolve this problem by taking their beloved companions with them, whereas some others leave their pets with their untrained friends and neighbors, deteriorating the health of their pets. If you are one among those people, you have no necessity to worry any longer when our Specialty Dog Care Portland is eagerly waiting to take care of your pets during your absence.

Who are we?

We are the licensed and reliable dog care professionals in Portland Oregon. Our Portland dog care facility is the best place for your esteemed companion, as our pet care service is next to none in the area. We are the only service providers in the area who offer your dog the total freedom. This means that your dog can freely play, wander, and socialize all through the day and the year. This is because we never use cages, pens, crates, or kennels at our dog care facility.

We are the experienced people in the pet care industry, offering a comfortable, safe, peaceful, home-style setting for your dog. This will minimize your anxiety and stress as well as your dog while you are on vacation. At our facility, we have special dog trainers to educate your dog on the way to behave with your friends and relatives in a courteous and gracious way. Thus, you can rest confident that your beloved companion would be armed with good manners when you return home from your vacation. You’ll also avoid the carpet cleaning bills that can occur after a pet is left alone for an extended period of time.

Our Portland-based dog care facility is manned with experienced dog trainers and is equipped with the required ambiance to provide your dog with all sorts of entertainment. Your cherished companion will have a continuing personal association with us at all times. We are the leading dog care experts in Portland who are committed to offering the essential safety, comfort, and happiness to your dog. This will allow you to focus, relax, and take pleasure in the times when you are forced to be away from your loved dog during emergencies.

Mission of our Portland dog care facility

  • At our dog care facility in Portland, we mission is to provide your dog with a safe, relaxed, comfortable, environment similar to that in your home. This will lessen you and your dog’s anxiety and stress any time that you should be away from home and incapable of taking your beloved companion with you. We accomplish this by:
  • Avoiding the use of pens, crates, kennels, or cages for your dog in our dog care facility: This will allow your dog to move freely throughout the day and to have 12 hours a day outdoor and indoor access.
  • Minimizing external sounds, influences, and distractions: These will cause disruptions, stress, alerts, barking, and other forms of high-pressure dog manners, which we industriously work to eradicate from our dog care facility.
  • Moreover, we continue to refine our business principles to increase the safety, comfort, and happiness while your companion is staying at our dog care facility. We believe that contented dogs will allow their owners to focus, relax, and, or enjoy the time when they have to be away from them.

Get in touch with our Portland dog care facility whenever you go out of Portland. We are your most trusted service providers who can offer you and your cherished companion, the required happiness, and peace of mind. The time for your vacation has arrived! Get your vehicle maintenance taken care of and hit the road.