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Keeping a close eye on your vehicle’s wheel alignment may actually prevent some of the leading causes of early tire failure. If the alignment is accurately kept, then tires should perform at their top ratings for speed, wear, and fuel efficiency. However, if wheel alignment is off and not adjusted at regular intervals, tires may become worn unevenly, suffer damage, or it may even cause further repairs to the vehicle. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your tires, do not neglect regular checks of your wheel alignment.


Wheel Alignment in Portland, Oregon is simply the careful adjustment of all 4 tires to be in line with each other. If the tires are out of line the vehicle may pull’ or wobble’, especially at higher speeds. This kind of pull will throw off other functions of the driveline, preventing the vehicle to drive straight or compromising the safety in the vehicle’s handling abilities. If your steering wheel seems to vibrate or shake at higher speeds, this is a big indication that the wheel alignment needs to be adjusted. Wheel alignment can be thrown off by a number of factors: the most common causes are driving habits, road conditions, and road hazards such as potholes.


A poorly aligned vehicle will also cause tires to become worn unevenly, which will severely shorten the life of the tires as well as cause changes to performance and fuel efficiency. Uneven tread wear on tires can sometimes be severe enough to compromise the safety of your tires, making them more prone to flats or blowouts. Tires that wear out uneven because of improper wheel alignment also have a shortened lifespan. Most tires will typically last for 5-6 years under regular driving conditions when their tread wears down all at the same rate. However, if tread has worn more on the outside edges of the tires faster than on the inside edges, this can shorten their life by up to several years, costing additional time and money on tire replacements.


Check your tires for uneven tread wear periodically. Telltale signs of poor alignment in the tread will be one of only several patterns. The most common is the outside edge of the tread, about the outside 1/3 of the tire, shows that the tire is leaning too far in or too far out, and an excessive amount of the load is being carried by that part of the tire alone. Other types of tread wear that may be affected by improper wheel alignment are feathering’ and cupping’. Feathering is where the tread will wear down and look almost like feathers, with flat tops and angled sharper edges. This could be caused by poor alignment on the toe of the vehicle, or in some cases, can indicate replacement to parts of the suspension. Cupping is where the tread will look scalloped in places. This is a sign that the wheel alignment is off and replacements to key components need to be done to save the tires.


Wheel Alignment in Portland, Oregon is typically a fast and easy procedure. They also allow your mechanics a chance to inspect your tires as well as other drive shaft and suspension components. If you’ve noticed uneven tread wear or problems with your alignment, get in today for an assessment. Compared to the more frequent cost of tire replacement, wheel alignments are a consumer savvy and cost-effective preventative measure that will have added benefits on the safety and handling of your vehicle.

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