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Get the commercial upholstery you need!

Commercial Upholstery Portland

Commercial Upholstery Portland is the leading and reliable business in Portland that offers a variety of professional upholstery services at the best services. We offer comprehensive furniture reinstatement services for all types of commercial facilities, irrespective of their size. We specialize in reprocessing furniture and keeping them functional from landfills. We work personally with globally celebrated designers, as well, to construct custom furniture as well as integrated seating.

Who are we?

We are the only service provider in the area to have the most knowledgeable and highly competent artisan working on your office upholstery projects. Through our knowledge and careful attention to detail, we have earned a strong reputation for being one among the best upholstery service providers in the Portland area.

We are your affordable service providers who are capable of making your old furniture look fresh. Whether you have a damaged chair or sofa frame, we are your preferred service providers to bring those frames in perfect working condition in a more professional and affordable way than before. When you hire our dedicated commercial upholstery services, you have no necessity to think about buying the new ones. This is because your office furniture will be repaired in a professional and artistic way to enhance the charm of the d├ęcor of your workplace.

Why are we the best?

  • Although there are several reasons that our Portland upholstery business happens to be the primary option for business owners for all of their upholstery needs, some of the notable reasons include:
  • We are the service providers who can offer our services according to the budget and the specifications of our customers.
  • We have a huge collection of designer materials, leather, vinyl, and other commercial grade fabrics.
  • We are the most experienced and skilled professionals to offer the best and cheapest service in the area.
  • Customer satisfaction is our main concern.
  • All our commercial upholstery services come with an attractive material and labor warranty.

What do we offer?

With the declining resources and the restricted capacity of the earth to have room for the rising amounts of garbage, it is wise to go green. At our Portland upholstery business, we offer quality fabrics, which are prepared from recycled materials. We can even offer foam, prepared from the repairable feed stock. It’s important to get service in the right order. If you need door glass repair we’ll schedule your upholstery work after it is completed.

We offer our professional and dedicated commercial upholstery services for hotels, hospitals, banks, cathedral pews, including restaurant cubicles, and banquettes. With our vast experience and expertise, we are capable of upholstering your chairs, theater seats, sofas, and seating, irrespective of their extent of the damage. Furthermore, we create custom curtains and drapes and recuperate office panels, as well.

As an approved and reliable upholstery business in the area, we can offer our support to aid you to make your space perfect through our professional upholstery services. We offer our services by working with you all through the whole process, ranging from material selection to furnishings design. All our upholstery services come with a 100% material and labor warranty. Moreover, we offer our services using quality materials and skilled people. Therefore, you can rest guaranteed that your office furnishings would look and function better than before. Our main concern is 100% customer satisfaction, so we will work perfectly the first time. Just like a great maid service, we’ll clean your vehicle thoroughly after upholstery installation.

Get in touch with our Portland upholstery business today to have a free consultation and to get a reasonably priced quote. You can also email your queries to us to convert your old furnishings into new ones.